“Tony got us results, by curbing our fears and pushing us forward. We had some very hard business decisions to make in order to grow our company and focus on wealth creation. He worked with our entire team to really bring alive a vision, that at first was an inspired thought and now is a concrete reality. We have over shot our projected growth and  am truly amazed and thankful for the results we have gotten from Tony’s guidance and direct experience. I would whole heartily recommend him to top CEO’s and business owners.”

Abe F, CEO
Construction Industry, Canada and USA

“Tony has been very instrumental in helping me redirect my company and personal ventures. In the 2 years of working together, I have rebranded my company with a stronger, more marketable message. I have also merged my personal passions and philosophies into my business creating a work-life synergy, which goes way beyond the commonly discussed work-life balance. These transitions were made possible with the caring, knowledgeable and personable approach Tony takes in applying this highly effective coaching process. By the way – this recommendation was not asked for by Tony or anyone in his company. I wrote this from the sincerest belief in Tony and his work.”

Randy B., CEO
Information Technology, Hamilton, Ontario

“Tony (and his team) have provided our firm with professional insight and unique processes which have helped us to exceed our growth objectives. His breadth of experience has provided us with confidence and his thoughtful approach has driven us to action. We look forward to his continued guidance and advice!”

Jason T., CEO
Civil Engineering Firm, Dundas, Ontario

“I had the pleasure to work with Tony and consider him to be a consummate HR professional. Insightful and results oriented, his assistance proved invaluable in guiding my team to a high performance level.”

Douglas M., CEO
Consumer Packaged Goods Organization, Brampton, Ontario and Oakland, California, USA.

“While working with Tony, I often referred to him as my “guru”, out of genuine respect for his ability to inspire me to become a better leader/ manager, using various techniques (including his “Five questions to achieve performance with fulfilment”) to more effectively manage my teams and to take responsibility for my own career path. His influence continues to pay dividends for me in both my personal and professional life.”

Mike D., CFO
Consumer Goods and Coal/Mining Industry, Ontario, Canada and Costa Rica

“Tony… was the one constant who was there to guide and mentor me during times of change and help accelerate my personal career growth. Tony has the unique ability to find win/win situations and always has your best interest at heart. Tony is a master at building strong trusting relationships and igniting that fire inside you to aim high. Not only does he inspire you to aim high but always there to support you when you need a helping hand during turbulent times. He brings a pragmatic approach to help you balance work-life priorities and helps you find a sense of calmness in your life. If you’re a business executive running at 100 miles an hour, you should invest some time with Tony to get on the journey of better self management to help you achieve great success.”

Satyen R. CEO
Business Intelligence, Consumer Goods, Ontario

“I  worked with Tony on a number of major initiatives that ranged from restructuring the Finance, Marketing & Sales organizations …to developing coaching and skills development plans for the staff. Tony is a thought leader with a unique ability to influence people to be their best. As a coach he pushes the team to think differently As a team player he drives team members to high performance and as a individual, he delivers on commitment, every time.”

Alejandro E., VP
Consumer Goods, California, USA

“Having attended a Shifting Mindsets Consulting Group workshop run by Tony , I can strongly recommend Tony and his team to anyone who wants to move their company to the next level of success. Business coaching is an effective tool and Tony will develop a plan that is right for you and your company. His extensive business background combined with years of experience will be fully utilized to your advantage.”

John D., CEO
Chamber of Commerce, Hamilton, Ontario

” For the last five years I have wanted my business to grow and sustain that growth, I just didn’t know how or, more importantly, how to stay on track – working “on” my business instead of “in” it. Thanks to Tony and Shifting Mindsets… I am well on my way to realizing the dream I have for the future, both professionally and personally. Tony has a vast knowledge of how business works and how people work in business. His approach is straightforward, encouraging and non-threatening; he is solidly in my corner. It is with the highest regard that I recommend Tony Scutella (and his firm) to anyone wanting to realize their personal and professional goals and abilities. I HIGHLY recommend Tony…”

Lorna R., President
Financial Business Services, Stoney Creek, Ontario

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