Life Coaching

Question: Do you sometimes wish you jumped out of bed in the morning excited to embrace the day?

Life Coaching encourages people to live their best life possible by helping them understand their own purpose and create a compelling vision for their life.

Coaching helps people recognize that they are capable of great things and maximizes their potential to define and achieve their dreams. The coaching relationship is effective because you receive an unbiased perspective, you are held accountable to your own goals and timelines, and you receive genuine and consistent encouragement throughout.

Life coaching can help you if…

  • Your job is taking over your life and you feel like you have no free time
  • You want to figure out your purpose in life and live it out
  • You want to get some excitement back into your life
  • You feel like your priorities are all out of line (or you don’t even have any priorities) and therefore lack any real focus in your life at the moment
  • You want to break free from negative or destructive behaviour or habits (e.g. complaining, smoking, pessimism, etc)

Coaching session logistics

  • Frequency & Duration Typically held 3 times per month, lasting 50 minutes each (however the schedule can be flexible to meet a client’s needs)
  • Location In person or by phone
  • Agenda Sessions are highly interactive and involve: Assessing which areas of your life are less than ideal, exploring and envisioning your perfect life, developing a fluid and proactive plan (that includes goals, priorities, and timelines), recognizing hurdles/obstacles, brainstorming, working through difficulties, building momentum by acknowledging and appreciating progress


Question: Are you unsure if a life coach can help you get excited about your life?

Contact us to set up a free consultation (in person or by phone) to find out how specifically coaching can jump-start your life to one of richness.

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