Executive Coaching

Question: Are you seeking proactive ways to achieve greater impact from your leadership teams and top talent?

Executive Coaching has become a mainstream tool that gives executives an advantage in leading their organization or team, as well as their life. Demands on executives can be overwhelming and partnering with a coach provides executives with an arsenal of tools to give them an edge and ensure they remain focused, driven, and motivated.

Executive Consulting involves the use of interim executive support as well as the mentoring of existing executives and management in a variety of industries and disciplines.

Executive coaching will help if…

  • You lack practical knowledge in an area of business that your company is moving into
  • You’re a new executive and eager to embrace your new role, but you’re looking for some third-party expertise in certain areas
  • You have been promoted into your new position and although you’re eager to embrace it, you have doubts due to your lack of experience/knowledge in management
  • You feel that your ability to lead is suffering due to the fact that you’re constantly overwhelmed and without time to properly assess situations and make decisions
  • You want to identify your blind spots and/or barriers to progress
  • You require additional and/or interim bench strength to get you through a period of growth, change, or strategic shift

Areas of Focus

  • Visioning Creating a powerful and compelling vision for your organization
  • Customer Service/Support Developing creative strategies to create the best-in-class customer experience
  • Motivation Influentially encouraging your people to embrace the corporate vision and excel in their roles
  • Change Management Proactively generating a mindset shift within the organization to one of positivity
  • Team Building Strengthening rapport and communication with executive teams down through to entry-level staff
  • Leadership Harnessing inherent leadership abilities and skills to establish and maintain credibility and respect from a team and/or organization
  • Start-up Companies Managing and implementing effective structure within rapid growth organizations while not suppressing creativity and fluidity at all levels and disciplines
  • Integrated Talent Solutions Enhancing leadership teams, developing top talent, and improving overall business performance through a holistic progressive approach

Services Offered

  • Mentoring Collaborative leadership development through the sharing of relevant skills, experience, and wisdom
  • Interim Executive Support High-quality business leaders available for short-term assignments to add expertise and objectivity to situations of change, growth, or decline
  • Coaching A dynamic partnership to create vision, instil action (by the executive and the organization), and ensure follow through and long-term success
  • Consulting Strategic and operational assessment and recommendations for an organization as a whole, a specific division or department, or an individual
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