Corporate Coaching and Consulting

Question: Are you interested in empowering your staff, team, and/or organization with a unique and effective leadership tool? Would you like to develop a High Performance Team of Results Driven and Highly engaged employees?

Shifting Mindsets Corporate Coaching and Consulting solution combines group workshops and one-on-one coaching designed to empower staff (from executive management through to first-time managers) with a powerful skillset to maximize the performance of their people – the key resource of every organization

Corporate coaching will help if…

  • There is a lack of motivation and/or heightened frustration in your organization due to a significant change recently (e.g. increase or decrease in revenues and/or staff numbers, etc)
  • The Leadership Team appears to working in silos or feels dysfunctional. Just not performing at High Performance Team level.
  • The productivity of your staff is less than ideal since they are spending too much of their time checking/writing emails
  • Your recently promoted management staff have been experiencing difficulties in managing their teams due to lack of prior management experience
  • Your staff are not effectively mentoring and supporting your star performers and encouraging their growth and development

Benefits of corporate coaching and consulting

  • Better communication flow within your organization as a result of increased interaction across different levels of management
  • A greater commitment of management to their responsibilities due to enhanced accountability to their role
  • A stronger coaching environment within your organization that supports greater communication and rapport-building within teams
  • An increase in new ideas and suggestions put forth due to increased collaboration and information sharing among staff (on and across teams)
  • Increased productivity resulting from renewed enthusiasm and motivation of all staff (workshop/coaching participants as well as their team members)
  • An opportunity to get an outside and unbiased perspective on their ideas, struggles, and goals/aspirations
  • A shift in mindset where change is no longer feared but welcomed
  • A focus on the unique potential of individuals to get the most out of their performance
  • Participants leave each workshop and/or coaching session with a plan and a timeline
  • Both the workshops and coaching sessions are highly interactive, stimulating, exploratory, and thought-provoking

Group Workshops

Customization and Flexibility

All workshops are fully customizable to suit the client’s needs, desires, and goals.

Common Workshop Topics Include:

  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Coaching/Mentoring
  • Accountability
  • Productivity
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Conflict Resolution


Most workshops include a strong element of self-exploration and analysis which equips participants with a deeper understanding of themselves and their own skills. We use the DiSC Assessment Series in many of our workshops and one-on-one coaching.

The DiSC Assessment provides a stronger understanding of one’s self which is invaluable in the process of becoming a better leader, making wiser decisions and understanding the desires and needs of others


Duration: Available as one hour ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions through to full-day workshops

Location: Held at a corporate office or off-site location

Size: The workshops can accommodate from 3 -12 participants (Larger groups can be broken up into smaller groups for optimum participation and learning)


All workshop sessions are varied to appeal to different learning styles, personalities, and attention spans

Workshop elements include:

  • Teaching and Tools To communicate current knowledge and theory on the workshop topic
  • Exercises Written and/or oral exercises performed as individuals and/or groups
  • Role-Play Scenarios An effective shift beyond the theory to deepen the learning through practice using real-life and real-time scenarios
  • Interactive Discussion Conversation, brainstorming, and collaboration to promote the sharing of experience, ideas, knowledge, and constructive feedback
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