Career Coaching

Question: Have you ever stopped for a moment and considered whether your current job is actually fulfilling you or simply filling you day?

Career Coaching helps individuals determine both what their ideal career is (their ‘dream job’) and then land it, using a structured plan. Many people know that a career change (large or small) would bring significant benefit to them, however they often stop at the point of just dreaming about it because they are unsure of how to go about it and are reluctant to risk their current stable income and benefits.

There are a number of factors that hold people back from making a career change, however having a clear understanding what your options are and following through with a well-defined plan ensures the process goes much more smoothly and effectively.

Career coaching can help you if…

  • You are frustrated because you are no longer fulfilled or challenged in your current job (or you’re just flat out bored)
  • You’ve been in your current job for 10 years and definitely ready to make a change however you’re not sure where to start
  • You have an interview coming up for a great new job and you want to ensure you ace it
  • You regularly find yourself sitting at your desk saying “There has got to be more than this…”
  • You’ve always wanted to pursue your childhood dream but have always dismissed it by saying things like “I’m too old now…”, “I don’t have the training…”, “It’s too risky…”, or “I don’t want to start all over…”

Coaching session logistics

  • Frequency & Duration Typically held 3 times per month, lasting 30-60 minutes each (however the schedule can be flexible to meet a client’s needs)
  • Location In person or by phone
  • Agenda Sessions are highly interactive and involve: Exploring and envisioning your ‘dream job’, developing a fluid and proactive plan (that includes goals, priorities, and timelines), recognizing hurdles/obstacles, brainstorming, working through difficulties, building momentum by acknowledging and appreciating progress made
  • Assessment Tools We use meaningful assessment and testing tools to help the client zero in on their areas of strength and interests


Question: Are you unsure if a career coach can help you actually get excited about your job?

Contact us to set up a free consultation (in person or by phone) to kick-start your career now.

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