Business Coaching and Consulting

Question: Do you want to take your business to the next level, but are unclear on the most effective way to do this?

Business Coaching is a tool that empowers entrepreneurs and small business owners with the mindset, practical tools, creative ideas, and motivation to creatively and effectively grow their business to one of success and fulfillment.

Small business owners are often very stretched in terms of time and resources. Coaching helps them make the most effective use of their energy and keeps them focused on their vision. Entrepreneurs are often full of ideas, but can distracted and unfocused. Coaching is a partnership that is focused solely on the success of the client’s business.

Business coaching propels businesses to greater levels of success while maximizing the time, resources, and enjoyment of the entrepreneur and small business owner.

Business Coaching will help if…

  • You feel your business has plateaued after a couple of years of early growth and you’re interested in exploring new ways of marketing and growing your business
  • You’re excited to build your new business after recently completing your professional training, however you’re unsure of how to most effectively market yourself
  • You feel overwhelmed with the hours you are working and you’ve begun to neglect your spouse/family/friends/etc
  • You want to enter into a growing new market or niche, but are unsure of the best way of doing so
  • You want to prepare to sell your business on your terms
  • You wished you had some formal business training, however don’t have the time and/or resources to do so at the moment
  • You see the benefit of having an objective third-party partner to brainstorm new ideas, work through challenges, and keep you accountable to your vision, goals, and timeline

Areas of Focus

  • Market research Assessment and analysis of growth opportunities
  • Marketing strategy definition Creating an effective and creative strategy to expand into new markets
  • Time management Prioritizing to maximize time use and prevent burn out
  • Networking Cultivating and capitalizing on valuable referral networks
  • Presentation skills Developing effective elevator pitches and public speaking skills
  • Team building Instilling drive and motivation in your staff through effective rapport and relationship building
  • Education Obtaining relevant business ideas, concepts, and tool
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