• Learn the Inner Game of Business: Yourself

    As a business coach, consultant, corporate executive and entrepreneur, I have worked with company leaders, business owners, individuals and teams in both the large corporate arena and the small business sector for over 35 years helping them achieve success. Following you will find some key observations that I believe can help you and your clients build better businesses and lives. Although this article is aimed at the small to medium business owner the basic thought process applies to any size business.

    Business success is less about tactics, techniques or mechanics. It has much more to do with how successful entrepreneurs and leaders habitually think and act. Your business success too will depend in large part upon shifting your mindset to work for you, not against you.

    The true battle waged for business success does not necessarily take place in the market arena; it takes place in the mind of every business owner and leader, you and your clients included. Being successful in business is really about mastering your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and focus. It’s about using your mind as a powerful asset, not a destructive liability. Your greatest competition will always be with yourself, especially fighting off the mental gremlins I call “FUDS.” ( Fears, Uncertainties, Doubts, Suspicions) that try to deny you your dreams. Work hard instead, to focus on being positive and having a positive outlook and not letting those FUD’s get the best of you. The most successful people I have worked with all had the spirit of “can do” and optimism.

    It’s important for business success  that you understand yourself (strengths, weaknesses, dreams, mental barriers, etc.), take full responsibility for your results, possess an effective mindset (mode of thinking), have a bias for action (not analysis paralysis), and believe in your personal worth and the value of your services. One of the most impactful ways that get people to an “AHA” moment is through behavioural  assessments. It’s interesting that when you briefly remove the human factor through an online assessment, it gets the individual’s attention and they start reflecting the results and on how they can capitalize on their strengths and address developmental areas.

    To take your business and personal life to a higher level, you must master the inner game
    of business. That means shifting your mindset and believing in yourself and believing in the value of your services. You must think like a successful leader, and think like a successful marketer. In the end, focus a little less on the external game of business, and a little more on the internal game.

    Over the years I have found that too many business owners and leaders try to mimic the exact actions, tactics, techniques and approaches of others. They try to say the same things, do the same things, and look the same way. Instead, they should be trying to figure out the mental approaches and srartegies of successful business leaders.

    How do successful owners or leaders think?
    What are their beliefs?
    How do they feel?
    How do they mentally approach the sales and marketing process?
    What are their metaphors (mental pictures) when selling and marketing?
    What’s behind the passion for what they do?
    How do they stay so enthusiastic?

    I have also found that the truly successful business leaders out there continue to rely on others for objective support to keep them on track. During my career and in my businesses, there has always been a coach, mentor or friend supporting my efforts and forcing me to look inward at myself. Understanding who you are, where you are and what you want to do is critical to your success journey. Find someone who will hold you accountable and look at you and your business objectively. Someone to ask you not only the right questions but the tough questions. It’s at least as important to ask the right questions as it is to know the right answers.

    Tony Scutella


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