• Innovate or Evaporate

    As a LEADER, it’s critical that you elevate your mindset and obsess about getting more from your current resources and efforts. You ought to ask yourself and others better questions and start with the ultimate question; “What seems impossible to do right now, BUT, if you could do it, would fundamentally change your business?” Continue by asking yourself, “How can our business get greater results from every action we take, every expenditure we make, every effort we expend and every relationship we have”? Avoid status quo like a deadly virus. Instead embrace fully the philosophies that, “good enough never is” and “we can always do better”.

    Innovation is all about using your mind and limited business resources in new and better ways. It’s about using your creative intelligence as an incredible force to increase your sales, customer satisfaction, profits, quality, etc. Innovation is about freeing yourself and your organization from limiting beliefs, the “we’ve always done it this way” attitudes, and established industry practices. Innovation is searching for opportunities within and without your company where the application of focus or force will yield substantially multiplied results. Overlook nothing; leverage opportunities are everywhere. For example, if you start using telephone calls to follow-up your direct mail campaigns, you may multiply your sales results by staggering amounts.

    Just as a tire jack can lift the tremendous weight of a car for a tire change, so too can the strategy of Innovation help you significantly lift your company’s revenues, improve operations, and lighten your daily load. A lever, fulcrum and slight force can lift significant weight if you know how to use these tools. Learn about leverage so you can begin to elevate and optimize your business results.

    To master the art of Innovation, adopt an opportunity mindset at all times. To leave the status quo behind, continually ask the following types of questions:

    • What is the best and highest use of our time, talent, and treasures?
    • What resources are we underutilizing?
    • How can we maximize our returns/output and minimize our input?
    • How can we work smarter, not harder?
    • Which strategies will give us super-sized results?
    • What processes or departments within our business are under-performing?
    • What past or current relationships could we more fully leverage (i.e. customers, employees, vendors, suppliers, advisers, etc.)?
    • What other industries could provide us with some innovative best practices?
    • Where are the hidden opportunities within our business, our employees, our suppliers/vendors, our business partners, our customer base, our competitors, and our business processes?
    • How can we get a greater return/payoff using the least amount of money, time, risk, etc?
    • How can we be more effective, more productive?
    • How can we get better every day in every way?
    • What suggestions from our customers should we pursue first?

    When you expand your mind and your leadership potential, your business and opportunities expand exponentially. The more you grow as a leader, the more your business grows as a market leader. Think Innovation, not status quo. The alternative is to evaporate.

    Tony Scutella
    Head Consultant
    Shifting Mindsets

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